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Mobicom Telecom started its operation in the year 2008.Although Mobicom Telecom had no official presence in the kingdom prior to the introduction of GSM operation, yet it has taken the market lead within a short period of time. This very process has been backed-up by an aggressive sales, marketing and customer service support network. Mobicom Telecom is dedicated with a mission to achieve more market share. Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest growing electronics and communication markets in the Middle East. This growth is intrinsically linked to the leading growth of Mobicom Telecom.

The company is a leading partner of most important GSM Operator Zain in Saudi Arabia. We have invested heavily in this new venture thereby creating a team of specialist in product support, Sales and Service. Mobicom Telecom is committed to provide products and services of the highest quality. We have bagged the customer’s loyalty towards our corporate existence and hence, customers feel that Mobicom is an icon in the electronics and communication industry in this part of the world. Zain Telecom strives forward to expand its network throughout the kingdom as leader in the electronics and communication market.

mobicom tower